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Shelter Belter

Published: 06-26-2013 14:09:52

Shelter’s campaign to get tenants' fees abolished has come under major attack from the Residential Landlords Association. The campaign is aimed mainly at letting agents but RLA chairman Alan Ward said it was anti-landlord because of the proposal that landlords should carry all the costs of setting up a tenancy. He said:

“Once again we have Shelter peddling the same anti-landlord rhetoric, seeking to place yet more costs on the shoulders of landlords.
“With almost 90% of landlords being either individuals or couples renting out just a few properties, Shelter seems to think that landlords have a bottomless pit of money to spend."
A similar scheme in Scotland has put many letting agents out of business, thereby reducing choice for tenants and landlords.
“Shelter’s campaign to impose on landlords excessive and unneeded red tape and costs will only serve to drive up rents for the very same tenants they try to serve.”
One landlord said he estimates landlords are already paying agents at least £1.7bn a year.